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We are Praia Verde.

We exist between the green of the pine forest and the blue of the Atlantic Ocean.

We are simultaneously close to the Ria Formosa, with its delicate ecosystem and its slow tides that dictate the life of fishermen and shellfishers of the region, and to the Guadiana River that is the border between Portugal and Spain, old way of smugglers and that brings the Algarve mountain range to the sea.

We live in a place that sometimes seems to have been forgotten and where traditions persist.

In the immemorial history of this land is the key to the gastronomy of the region, which mixes mountains and sea in a blend of flavors, substance and forms of cooking. A gastronomy that changes as the seasons flow.

In the ancestral influences and in the climate of the South we explain the local craftsmanship and the livings that still exist, with its Roman and Arab origins, and Mediterranean influence.

We exist between nature and this particular civilization, and that is what we want to share with those who visit us. This Algarve of ours. Raw.

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